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"On the last day of Creation, God wanted to crown his work and thus he created Kornati from tears, stars and breath."
(George Bernard Shaw)

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Our Lady of Tarac Church

Park contains many interesting cultural sights dating back to the Middle Ages, one of which is surely impressive small church of Our Lady of Tarac. Modest, one-nave sacral building built in the 17th century on the location of an early Christian basilica from the 6th century, this church was probably built from remains of the previous church. This church is dedicated to the Visitation of Mary.

Masses are still organized in the church today, every first Sunday in July and the meaning of these masses has already overgrown the exclusive religious frames and has become a part of tourism attraction of that area

In the vicinity of the church (in today’s sheepfold) we find traces of foundations of former building and today it is not certain whether that was a Templar monastery or a monastery where monks of the Order of the Saint Benedict lived. It is interesting that during the Middle Ages Kornati were known as Insulae Sanctae Mariae, Stomorin Island and similarly because of the church dedicated to Holly Mary.



Our lady of Tarac Church

A poem to Our Lady of Tarac

Day and night the sea glorifies you,
The wind sing you praise.
Crowns adorn you, the islands adore you,
Kornati, the sun and beaches praise you:

Greetings to the star of the sea,
We have come,
Seeking your guidance
On the turbulent sea.

Oh, Mary, can you see the sea
Beating on our ship.
Calm it, our Mother, watch over us,
Our Lady of Tarac, keep us safe.

Protect our olive groves
And our fields.
May your motherly hands warm our
Nets and boats, fishermen and ports.

(unofficial translation) 


Our lady of Tarac Church 


 Our lady of Tarac Church