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"On the last day of Creation, God wanted to crown his work and thus he created Kornati from tears, stars and breath."
(George Bernard Shaw)

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Kornati archipelago is a miraculous labyrinth of islands, small islands and cliffs. They seem mystical, wild and apparently deserted. This is the place of hidden differences. Like clouds in the sky, the islands change their shape with every wave and their color with every sunray. Even the stones are alive, whether they were made by men or by God.

Here we see the meeting of shore and the blue sea in which motions, sounds and shapes disappear and melt together infinitely. This is the place where the blue sea becomes a border between us and the God, a portal into another world. We have tried to open these doors by listening to the whisper of the sea, witnessing only one moment since the creation of the world to this day.



Turet fort and Our Lady of Tarac

On the island of Kornat you will find Tureta, the remains of a building dating back to Byzantium era. This square building seems as if it has grown from the stone hill where people probably lived in earlier periods of history. Since the 6th century these stone walls keep watch over mystical labyrinth of mainland and the sea, looking over all those who have sailed there with both good and bad intentions.

In order to live, you have to hope and believe. That is why sacral building was erected at the foothill of Tureta and the remains of that old Christian basilica can be seen even today.